KeynoteMy Journey Back to the Motherland
1-1Telling Ancestors' Stories by Writing, Verifying and Sharing
1-2Introduction to DNA for Genealogy
1-3Family Trees: Personal and Online
1-4Brag Books: Biographies and County Histories
2-1Using Identity Characteristics to Locate Your Ancestors
2-2sBeginning Genealogy slides
2-2Beginning Genealogy Part 1
2-3Self-Publishing Your Family History
2-4Follow the Witnesses: The Homestead Act of 1862
3-11st U.S. Colored Cavalry: Private Lives, Public Records
3-2Beginning Genealogy Part 2 (Same as 2-2)
3-3The Silent, the Invisible,, and the Unimportant: Finding Female Ancestors
3-4Wills and Probate Records: A Treasure Trove of Information, Part 1
4-1Using U.S. Records to Find Your Original Surname and Village of Origin
4-2Third-Party DNA Tools
4-3Getting the Most From Hints in Online Trees
4-4Wills and Probates Records: A Treasure Trove of Information, Part 2