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The Oral History Room (OHR) is a resource available to patrons of the Washington DC Family History Center to facilitate the recording of personal or second party histories.

It is a dedicated video room that is furnished, lighted, and equipped to provide comfort for two individuals. The OHR allows the interviewer and interviewee privacy in a relaxed and attractive environment. It has appropriate lighting and professional quality audio and video equipment. The recording may be as short as the patron desires, or up to almost one hour. At the end of the recording session, patrons will leave with a fully recorded DVD of the interview which can be readily copied and shared with others.

Patrons will easily be able to operate the video recorder, and to start and pause the recorder as they progress through their interviewing session. Family History Center staff intervention is limited to answering questions, performing initial setup, and completing the final steps to create the DVD. To schedule the Oral History Room, please email wdcfhcfilms@gmail.com

An attachment with further information and sample questions can be accessed by clicking here