New Resources at WDCFHC for Colonial Maryland Researchers

The Washington DC Family History Center’s already strong collection of books on Colonial Maryland research has been augmented by over 100 books through a generous donation by staff member Vern Skinner.

Books donated include Revolutionary Patriots (all 4 volumes), Quaker Records in Maryland, Early Settlers of Maryland, Directory of Maryland Church Records, Maryland, Genealogies (both volumes), and British Roots of American Families (both volumes). Also included are two books on American wills probated in England.

The majority of the additions are abstracts, primarily from the Prerogative Court of Colonial Maryland, covering the period 1635-1777. By noting pertinent names, dates, locations, etc., from the original documents, abstracts can help family history researchers identify which documents they should study when they do research at that repository. These abstracts series are not available online (and not likely to be in the foreseeable future), and some of the volumes are out of print.

Included are:

  • Abstracts of Testamentary Proceedings of the Prerogative Court (42 vols.)
  • Abstracts of the Administration Accounts of the Prerogative Court (11 vols.)
  • Abstracts of the Balance Books of the Prerogative Court (4 vols.)
  • The Maryland Calendar of Wills (16 vols.)
  • Abstracts of Proprietary Records of the Provincial Court
  • Abstracts of the Chancery Court (1669-1782)
  • Abstracts of the Debt Books of the Provincial Land Office (37 vols.)

These additions should be of great value to Colonial Maryland Researchers. Thanks again to Vern for making these available to our Center.

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