Resource Specialists

The following people can assist with specialized areas of research.
Please note that the word “at” is used here to prevent email spam.

Adoption Research Strategies:  John McLuckie
Leave message at WDCFSC (301-587-0042)

African-American: Bernice Bennett
email: bernicebennett at

African-American, Texas, Slave Era: Aaron Dorsey
email: a_dorsey at

African-American, Native American, North Carolina
Margo Williams, email: margolw at

District of Columbia:  Frances Seay
Leave message at FHC

DNA Research:  Jim Bartlett
email: jim4bartletts at

Britain, Norwegian, Netherlands:  Lori Churchyard
email: at

England, Wales, Germany, Ireland, & US: Maxine A’Hearn
email: mca2mfa at

Germany, France, Maryland:  Vern Skinner
Leave message at FHC

Greece, Czech Republic:  Carol Kostakos Petranek

Hungary:  Clayton Simon
email: at

Italy:  James Owens
email: jo3i at

Lower Hudson River Valley & Long Island History:
Joan W. Drake, email: joanwdrake at

Northern Ireland:  Alfred Luce
email: alfred.luce at

Norway, Netherlands, Britain:  Lori Churchyard
email: at

Eastern European Countries; Poland, Lithuania: Mary Ann Evan
email: maryann.evan at

Poland, Western Ukraine, Latin:  Matthew Rzeczkowski
email: rzeczop at

Utah & Southern Idaho: Ilene Shelton
email: itshelton at

Sweden: Martha Wolf
email: cantaphil at

Virginia, Scotland:  Janet Tennant
call 240-552-4693

Virginia, West Virginia:  Martha Wolf
email: cantaphil at

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